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How do I get started with music therapy?

Begin by scheduling your free consultation.  We'll specific needs, interests and preferences, or those of your loved one to receive services.  We'll discuss potential goals and how music therapy can be used to help you or your loved one achieve them.  

Music Therapy at Home - Make Music

What does a music therapy session look like?

Benefits of Music Therapy

Your online telehealth music therapy sessions are completely individualized to support the unique needs and goals of each person receiving services.  Depending upon the client, music experiences may include singing, music listening, movement, instrument play, songwriting, lyric interpretation, guided relaxation experiences with music, improvisation, musical games and experience for cognitive stimulation and other opportunities for creative expression.

You may schedule sessions that are either 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length.  To achieve consistent progress towards therapy goals, weekly sessions are recommended.  However, less frequent sessions can be considered in some situations. 


For current session rates or more information contact us.  At this time we don't bill insurance, though we can provide an invoice to submit to your insurance if desired. 

  • Reduced anxiety, agitation, depression & greater sense of emotional comfort


  • Decreased sense of isolation through meaningful socialization

  • Improved memory recall & cognitive functioning


  • Increased sense of control through successful experiences


  • Increased relaxation/reduced muscle tension


  • Opportunities for self-expression​​

  • Enriched quality of life & greater sense of overall wellbeing

Image by Nathan Anderson
Children Playing Bongo Drums
Elder woman and her caretaker
Image by Brandi Redd
Pixabay Child Keyboard
Hand Drums

Areas of Speciality

Music Therapy at Home specializes in supporting: 

  • those with dementia, brain injury, fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions

  • individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities or medical complexities

  • those receiving hospice or palliative care

  • those experiencing grief and loss

With online telehealth music therapy you'll enjoy the convenience of safely receiving music therapy at home - avoiding traffic, inclement weather and any of the physical challenges travel poses when you have special needs or health challenges. Music Therapy at Home empowers you to access a music therapist when there are none available to come to your home or none available in your community.  

Image by Kate Kasiutich

Does your loved one live in an assisted living community, long term care facility or group home?  Would you like to join your loved one for a session because it's not possible to visit in person? 

It's possible with Music Therapy at Home!

One of the exceptional benefits of online tele music therapy is that loved ones who aren't present with the client can join the client's session remotely and experience music therapy together.  Whether participating with the client at home or remotely, family members and caregivers benefit from:
  • increased sense of connection that comes from sharing music experiences with your loved one 
  • the joy of seeing your loved one respond positively to music
  • opportunities to learn new skills and approaches to help support your loved one outside of the music therapy session.  
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