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Relaxation in Song

Relaxation in Song is 

Musical milestones

By age 11, playing clarinet was added to the mix.  At age 13, my strong desire to learn piano led to a switch from organ lessons to piano.  The day my father took me shopping for my Yamaha piano was one of the happiest of my young life.  High school brought musical theater into the picture,  and you guessed it, more singing! 

Karla Wilson - Music Therapy at Home
Karla, the Music Therapist

​​​Owner and Music Therapist, Karla Wilson, MT-BC (formerly Mramor), is a board certified music therapist with over 30 years clinical experience.  Her experience includes working in hospice settings, nursing and assisted living facilities, school and day programs for children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, traumatized children with serious emotional disturbance (SED), adults with mental health issues and finally, adults experiencing grief and loss.   As a leader in healthcare, Karla has supervised teams of music, art, dance, massage and Reiki therapists.  Working collaboratively with physicians, nurses, psychologists, mental health professionals, social workers, teachers, speech, occupational and physical therapists in various settings, Karla knows firsthand the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to meeting clients' needs. 

Over the years, Karla successfully obtained funding for and administered several grants for music therapy research and program development in Ohio and Florida. One of these grants was designated for the creation of a DVD series to enhance the experience of hospice patients and their caregivers, through education, relaxation techniques, guided imagery and improvised music. 

Music Therapy at Home - Caregiver Hands

About Music Therapy at Home

Starting my practice, Music Therapy at Home, represents fulfillment of a dream for expanded and improved outreach.  Traditionally, music therapy is delivered through an agency or a private practice where clients come to the agency or therapist’s office.  In some cases, therapists travel to the client’s home.  In recent years, I grew more aware of individuals who can't access music therapy services, either because they're unable or prefer not to leave their homes; or there aren't music therapists in their communities to come to them.  In a field where we, as music therapists, do everything possible within our music therapy sessions to achieve optimal accessibility for our clients, perhaps we'd come up a little short with making the services themselves accessible to all who might benefit.  Given the technology available today, surely something could be done to change this!  It was in another one of my "aha" moments that Music Therapy at Home was born!


The mission of Music Therapy at Home, LLC is to provide easily accessible,

exceptional and individualized online music therapy services, 

specifically reaching and supporting those who prefer or need to receive services at home

or have no access to a music therapist in their own community.

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