Welcome to
Music Therapy at Home!
for those with:
- dementia 
and other neurological conditions
 - physical and developmental disabilities
 - chronic illness
 - those who are
 medically fragile
or receiving hospice care
 - caregivers



Music Therapy at Home is here to

support your journey

with a positive 

and compassionate approach...

always individualized to meet

your unique needs

"Music therapy can improve mood, lower stress, decrease isolation, and increase overall feelings of wellbeing.  At Music Therapy at Home, I provide telehealth music therapy or "tele music therapy."

Karla Wilson

Schedule your free consultation now to learn how Music Therapy at Home can make a difference for you!

Receiving tele music therapy is easy! 

I visit you ONLINE, LIVE and

right in the comfort of your home. 

You'll benefit from music therapy,

where and when it's most convenient. 

NO prior music experience is needed!

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